Review | Simple smoothing facial scrub

I have been using this face scrub for about 3 weeks now, and i must say i am very impressed.

It is described on the packet as:
'Our smoothing facial scrub is a perfect blend of active ingredients, and vitamin goodness to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin brighter and more even textured. perfect for even sensitive skin.'

I'm not too sure about the 'active ingredients', but overall it does its job as a facial scrub for sensitive skin well. Just for reference i have very sensitive skin with a lot of allergies, so i have to be careful with the products i decide try.

Ill start off by saying I've never tried any products from the brand simple before, it was only because i ran out of my ever so favorite Sothys exfoliator that i decided to try this product for the first time. I was very pleased with the texture and consistency of this scrub, it wasn't too beady and the actual granules were tiny beads that don't drag or cause a scratching feeling when being used. when using this scrub my skin did produce slight redness due to the tiny granules doing their job, but the redness did not last long after the use of this unlike other granule exfoliators. after using this product my skin felt smooth, soft and there were no signs of tightness of my skin.

I love that this product has no perfumes, or added colours which means less chemicals on your skin, and i also LOVE that they don't test on animals and their are no animal ingredients either. At just over $10 for 75ml, this is a really cheap price for a quality product in Australia, which is really hard to find with our ridiculous prices. You can find the brand simple at most supermarkets and pricelines.

Overall i love this product and what it does to my skin, and i will defiantly be repurchasing it in the future, along with trying more products from the brand simple. I would defiantly suggest other people with sensitive skin to try out this facial scrub, because it is amazing.

** all photos in this post were taken by me.