My experience with Ems (electrical muscle stimulation)

During the year when I was a student at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy collage I was given the opportunity of studying Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Today I will share with you my experiences, pros and cons and reasons why to have this treatment done.

What is EMS?
Electrical muscle stimulation is where a muscle is contracted by using electrical impulses. In other words a machine is connected to the origin and insertion of your muscle which causes it to contract and move. 

What is EMS used for?
Ems can be used for a lot of different things, from toning injured muscles, helping with the rehabilitation for neural and muscular injuries to anti-aging treatments on both your face and body. 

Does EMS hurt?
Depending on your pain tolerance and the intensity of the dial, EMS can sting and be quite painful if you have the levels up high. When using EMS on the face it should never hurt as you should never turn the intensity above 4. When using EMS on body muscles, you will feel a slight pins and needles feeling and also a contracting feeling.

What is the procedure of EMS?
Before the EMS pads are applied to the muscles, you skin must be cleansed with a non-alcaholic cleanser, to remove any creams or oils that could be a barrier during the treatment. A conducting gel is then applied to the EMS pads, the red pad is applied to the origin of the muscle, and the black pad is applied to the insertion of the muscle. The machine is then turned on a slowly turned up when the machine causes the muscle to contract. You can decide the intensity of the contraction and also the length of the contraction. 

Where can you get EMS done?
EMS us usually performed by either a physio or a beauty therapist. As it isn't very poplar it is only performed in selected beauty salons. Ems is recommended to be performed 2-3 times a week for 8 weeks then reviewed, to get nice and toned muscles.

My experience:
I am a stress-head, so I have only ever gotten EMS on my body. The first time I had it done I cried because it was quite painful- only because my friend kept turning up the intensity. I soon learned that I have a low pain tolerance and can not handle it up high. It was a very strange feeling having your foot twitch without moving it yourself. I would say that body EMS is really good for people who don't want to exercise but still want toned muscles. When it came time to have EMS on my face I completely freaked out at the thought of my eye winking by itself, so I refused. I did perform EMS on a few different clients, and the anti-aging benefits are really good. I would suggest facial EMS to people in their 30's looking for ways to keep there muscles toned and skin tight.

Have you ever had EMS?
What was your experience?


  1. I had EMS on my foot once for rehabilitation purposes. Not going to lie, I thought I was so strange too! But, maybe it helped ha!! Anything is better than damaged I suppose :)

    Luc xx

    1. sorry for the late reply! It probably would of worked to help getting the muscle stronger

  2. I've actually never heard of this, but I'm glad I read this! Even though I'm only in my mid-twenties, I'll keep this in mind for when I hit the big 3-0 as I'm really into the whole anti-aging stuff! I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I hope I'll be okay haha! xx