First impressions

Last month I purchased quite a few beauty products and I have had the chance to try them out and make an opinion on them

 Ill start off with Essence Sun Club Bronzer for Blondes; I love this colour. It is perfect for everyday contouring because its really subtle. This bronzer blends out really well and is also good for blending out your foundation line. I have been using this nearly every day this week and love it! Best $2 I have spent.

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
Everyone seems to love the smell of this but it smells horrible to me. At first I hated it because of the smell but I've moved passed that and I like the consistency of the lip butter, it keeps your lips nice and hydrated and moisturized at the same time. I'm hoping to try out the other flavors soon to see if I like them better. 

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara
   I only got this when there was the two for $15 deal at my chemist, and I must say I fell in love instantly. This mascara is amazing; it makes your lashes super super long and amazing. I found it did clump a little but it doesn't worry me. I have used this everyday so far and can see it slowly making its way into my HG products. The only thing I don't like is the smell- so don't smell it and you will be fine :)

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova
I was so excited to get this because I ordered the apocaliptic one and it was amazing! This colour was a little disappointing, not because of the colour because it is a gorgeous colour, but because of the lasting properties. I expected it to last just as long as apocaliptic but it didn't, and left my lips with a ring around the edges when I ate; unlike apocaliptic. I will continue to test out this colour because I do like it, just wish it was as amazing as the others!   

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova

Bourjois Flower perfection foundation
I had heard that this foundation was full coverage, so when I saw it at target for $20 I had to get it. I have used this 3 times; two times with my beauty blender and once with my F80 from Sigma. I liked how this applied, once it was on the skin it doesn't feel sticky or heavy and it has a nice smell to it. The coverage was more medium on me but I do love it. I found that it oxidizes really quickly but that's not a problem because the colour matches my skin perfectly.

Have you tried any of these products?
What are your thoughts?
** all photos in this post were photographed by me

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