17 Organization solutions

Now I know my blog is a beauty related blog but I thought I would do a post on some organization and storage solutions I've seen around and thought were cool and really in-expensive!

Cosmetics Storage
Now for us Australians finding makeup storage is really hard because we don't have shops like the dollar tree, and our target stores don't have a very big range for storage of makeup. This makeup organizer is good for someone just starting up their makeup collection, or for someone who wants to add an organizer to theirs. At the cheap price of $23.90 including shipping, I think this acrylic set is a bargain. You can get this here

This is a must have for lipstick lovers like myself. This acrylic lipstick holder can home up to 12 lipsticks and my favorite part is that you can put this anywhere! You could put it on a shelf or in another makeup organizer draw to keep everything tidy. You can purchases this here for $11.97

This acrylic makeup storage is a great size for putting on top of drawers or a vanity. You can purchases this here for $6.85 

 This is one of my favorite storage containers. As you can see it holds all of your cotton tips and dispenses them at the bottom. If your like me and you hate the boxes these cotton tips come in, I suggest you buy this for the price of $5.39

 A cute acrylic jar with a lid that you can use to store sponges or products and you can get this here for $8.99

Pink lily has some really good storage items at low prices so check out the website here
Remember to check out your local reject shops and daiso for cheap alternatives of makeup storage.

Jewelery storage
I think these earring trees are so cute, and just perfect for my dangle earring collection as I only own a few pairs. They are an amazing price of $4.36 including postage so be sure to grab this deal now

This earring stand can hold up to 36 pairs of studs! You can get it in either clear or black acrylic, but i personally love the black as it looks more elegant. This is a great way to store your stud earrings as you can see all of them on display at the same time. You can buy this in black here for $2.46 and in clear here for $6.20

Another great way to store your earrings is with this vintage style earring rack. It can hold 24 pairs of earrings and you can get it in 3 different colours. Buy this here for $6.29

This double sided jewelery hanger is such a easy and convenient way to store jewelery when you don't have much room. You just pop it onto a coat hanger and you can store it at the front of your wardrobe. You could also hang it on a hook on the back of your door. Its only $3.32 and comes in pink and black. Be sure to get this here

A ring box is great for someone who needs to store a lot of rings or earrings! Now this one is only made of black cardboard just so you know! but it is really easy to store as you can keep it in a draw or stack it on a shelf. It holds 90 rings and is available here for $4.75

This is a really cute jewelery box for people who don't own much jewelery. You can store 14 pairs of earrings and it has a small drawer for necklaces and bracelets underneath. You can find this here for $24.90

 I own a bracelet holder similar to this and love it. It displays my bracelets so perfectly and doesn't consume much space! con can buy this here for $6.54

 Here is an alternative to the above bracelet holder. You can buy this for $5.78 including postage here

A velvet watch/bracelet holder is what everyone needs. This stand is great because it has 3 tiers so you can see every row. You can purchases this here for $17.58 

Miscellaneous storage
This storage container can be used in a couple of different ways. You could use it for traveling to put products and jewellery in the separate containers, you can also take the pots out and put Mac eyeshadows in there ( and cut off the lid) to store them in a draw. You can buy this organizer here for $9.99

 These clear plastic shoe boxes are excellent for storing shoes and other things such as products, scarfs hats and beanies, small handbags and makeup you don't use as often. You get 10 in a packet for $12.91. You can buy these here

I actually own two of these pink baskets and I use them to store all of my hair things, so like hair ties, my container or bobby pins, hair combs and brushes. They are really cute and colorful and good for holding things and keeping everything neat and tidy. You can buy them here for $1.50 

I hope you liked my organization suggestions!
What are your tips and tricks for organization?

** all photos in this post were sourced from eBay!


  1. Love this post! Trying to organise my makeup and I desperately want the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer (I think by Lori Greiner?) that you can get in the States but I can't find it anywhere in Australia! :(


    1. thanks lovely:) I've never heard of that before but I'm gonna try and find it:) xx

  2. This is one of my favorite posts that I have ever seen! Great work E!