April Product empties!

I have used up a couple of products over the last few months and decided to share them with you :)

 Radox Spa Enrich shower cream with Hibiscus, Frangipani & caring natural Coconut oil
I have a few allergies so it is rather hard trying to mind moisturizers, hand creams and shower gels without Shea butter in them. Lucky for me my Step Mum gave this amazing shower gel to me for Christmas. This by far my favorite shower gel I have tried out. It has a sweet smell, and doesn't smell too much like coconut which is good because I am not really fond of coconut smell. It leaves you feeling silky smooth and the smell lasts for at least 6 hours. Ive tried to find this everywhere because i really wan to re purchases it but I can't find it. If anyone has seen it please let me know where!

Maybelline instant age rewind eraser for dark circles
I had to order this online as i could not justify paying $18.95 for a tiny tube of concealer. Well it was defiantly worth the wait. This concealer is by far my favorite under eye concealer, with coverage medium to full that helps hide my dark circles and freckles. The only thing i hate about it is that the wind up thing seems to leak so you don't get to use all of the product (Maybelline should think of some new package designs). I have already re purchased this concealer and will continue to use it everyday. 
You can buy this here for $18.95

L'Oreal Paris Elvive color protect protecting shampoo 
 I used to use this shampoo when i had blonde highlights in my fringe about 4 or 5 years ago and I loved it. I'm not sure whether they changed the formula or whats happened but I didn't like this shampoo at all. I found it didn't do anything for my hair, my blonde didn't seem to last any longer of look any more brassy when using it. I won't be re purchasing this shampoo.
You can buy this here for $6.99 

Lush Bubblegum lip scrub 
I had this for a little over a month and I feel like I used it up really quickly. My lips have seemed like they are dryer then normal this year so I decided to give this a go. I used it once, sometimes twice a day and it did its job well to remove all the dead skin off my lips. I chose the bubblegum flavor because it smells amazing, and tastes amazing as well! I will definatly be re purchesing this soon because it is so cheap and I love lush products!
You can purchases this here for $9.95 

Beauty Care Co eye make-up remover wipes
I purchased these because they have cucumber, chamomile and green tea in them and I thought that they would soothe and calm the eye area. I was wrong! I have had a bad experience with these because I found they were too liquidy and the product would drip from the cotton circle into my eye. I worked out that I had to squeeze out some liquid before wiping over my eye area, but I still felt a stinging feeling. The wipes would work so much better if there wasn't as much liquid in them. I wont be re purchasing these wipes.
You can buy these from Kmart for $2.

** all photos in this post were taken by me.

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