Beauty swap with Marie

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to do a beauty swap with the lovely Marie from America, who I met through instagram. 

What is a beauty swap?

A beauty swap is where you and another person either from the same country as you or an international country, send each other beauty products. Swaps usually have a money limit which both people have to follow, and you can either request specific things or opt for the surprise option.

Marie and I had been emailing each other for about a week before we decided on a price and the items we would like to receive. Although we had a limit to follow, Marie spent over it which was very naughty! Once we had purchased each others items we sent photos of receipts and the items to each other to make sure we were both happy with everything. Marie and I sent off our packages on the same day and my package took just over a week to travel to America. I was happy to see Marie loved both the Chanel blushes I purchased for her, and i adored everything she got for me, which was a lot. Both of the photos above are what this lovely lady sent me :) All of the items she purchased for me are either not available to buy in Australia or are extremely expensive. I absolutely love every single thing Marie sent me, and I am so grateful she is such a Genuine and amazing person. I look forward to our future beauty swaps!

Here is a photo taken by Marie after she received my gifts

** all photos in this post were photographed by me, except the last photo which is Marie's

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