My Holy Grail products

There comes a time where you find a product and realize you like it so much you don't want to try or use anything else. But like most beauty fanatics, we enjoy trying new things, but still return back to our holy grail products. Here is a list of my favourite products to use :)

 Firstly my all time favourite face products:
 Revlon Colorstay in my colour 150 Buff: I adore this foundation mostly because of the coverage it has, it is a medium-full coverage foundation that doesn't transfer once set onto your face. It holds up really well with my oily T-zone, and stays in place for most of the day. I have been using this foundation for 4-5 years now and have not found anything that compares to this!
You can buy it online here
Maybelline NY instant age rewind eraser concealer Light: Although I have only been using this concealer for a month and a half, I have already fallen in love with it. It covers my dark under-eye circles perfectly, and stays in place. So many under-eye concealers tend to move into creases and it looks horrible, but this creases only a tiny bit and is easily fixed. The colour matches perfectly with my foundation and I wouldn't use anything else!
You can buy it online here
 Face of Australia translucent loose powder: I had been trying to find a translucent powder that actually works by setting your foundation for ages, until one on my favourite You-tubers mentioned this powder. At under $13 for 30g this is so amazing for the price. Although it has a slight orange tinge to it, it is what the product does that made me love it so much. This powder keeps my foundation matte and fresh all day. I would defiantly recommend this to someone that is looking for a face powder, it's amazing!
You can buy it online here
Make Up For Ever high Definition powder: I fell in love with this after ordering a small sample online. It is extremely hard to buy this in Australia, and also extremely high priced to buy online but so worth the money. I mix this silica powder with my Face of Australia powder to create the perfect setting powder. This powder help blur pores and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, along with setting your foundation perfectly. You only need to use a tiny amount which means it lasts a very long time.
You can buy it online here

 Model in a bottle Matte Finish: This is the best thing that was created. I love this setting spray because it doesn't feel heavy or 'tight' on the skin once sprayed, it has a smell of perfume of which I like and it works perfectly to keep my makeup looking fresh and matte for the whole day, and night- when i go out. It is relatively cheap, and has lasted me at least a year. amazing product.
You can buy it online here
Tarte amazonian clay 12hr blush in Blissful: I received this beautiful blush from my beauty swap with Marie. Tarte products are practically impossible to buy in Australia, and I had been dying to get my hands on one for months. These blushes come in a range of matte and shimmer colours, and literally stay in place ALL day. I love the colour pay off this blush has, and the way it sits on the skin so amazingly. Love these blushes!
You can buy it online here
Adovia Sunkissed matte bronzer: I first found this blush when it appeared in my school makeup kit, but since our makeup teacher would not tell us which brand it was i did some research and found it online. I am a lover of matte blushes and bronzers, and was having trouble finding the right one. I absolutely love how pigmented and soft this bronzer is. it suits nearly every skin tone and is the perfect matte bronzer. I have owned this bronzer for 6months + and have barely made a dint in it. 
This bronzer in now discontinued.

 Adovia Sunkissed Bronzer, Tarte amazonian clay 12hr blush in Blissful and Essence colour & shine eyeshadow in 02 stage beauty
Christian Eyeshadow kit in Blonde: I purchased this eyebrow kit from the Sydney international spa & beauty expo last year after receiving a demo and getting it applied on myself. This kit comes with 3 eyebrow stencils in thin, natural and thick. I love that there was a range of colours to choose from to match everyone, and the fact it comes with 3 different stencils made me want to buy it. I have sparse and patchy eyebrows and have trouble filling them in with a normal eyebrow pencil because they always end up too dark; so this kit was perfect for me because it doesn't make my brows too dark, and stays in place all day. I have had this product since August last year and you can see i have hit the pan a little. For the $30 price tag it was defiantly worth it as I use this product nearly every day.
You can buy this online here
Covergirl Clump crusher in very black: When this mascara first came out in Australia I was reluctant to buy it because I really hated mascara. I have always had bad experiences with mascaras clumping, flaking and leaking off my lashes. The first time I used this mascara I knew it was the one I would repurchase. Firstly the brush is a made in a really good shape to get the top of your lashes and the bottom. No matter how many layers you apply, there is no clumping of lashes what so ever. In my experience it has never flaked, and is really easy to remove at the end of the day. I just wish Covergirl would hurry up and bring out the waterproof version in Australia!
You can buy this online here
Essence colour & shine eyeshadow in 02 stage beauty: Just for the record this product is now discontinued, but I'm sure if you looked hard enough online you might be able to find it somewhere. I brought this eyeshadow a loong time ago, it was one of the first eyeshadows I purchased when essence first became available in Australia. I love that it has a marble effect of glitter and matte natural gold colours, and it is a really good everyday eyeshadow. I use this eyeshadow nearly everyday and as you can see I am yet to hit the pan. So impressed by this extremely cheap but good quality eyeshadow. 
This eyeshadow is now discontinued, but you can buy it here

Lucas' Papaw ointment: I LOVE that this product is made in Australia! You can pretty much use this product for anything, but I use it for my lips just before I go to bed. It keeps them moisturized and soft all night. Love this product.
You can buy this product here
Fleur De Mer Lip Conditioner SPF 30+: I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift though my school when we went to the Sydney international spa & beauty expo. It is so soft and feels amazing when applied, and what makes me love it is that it has 30+ sunscreen. It is really good for hot days, but i use this on most days to freshen up my lips and keep them protected. (I removed the label a while ago because it faded and started to peel off)
You can buy this here
Unknown Lip Jelly tint: I brought this from a chemist warehouse for $2 about a year and a half ago, and was really reluctant to use it because the label on the bottom fell off and I didn't know what brand crated it. This lip jelly gives off the most beautiful bright pink tint that lasts forever. I purchased it before i became a lipstick fan, and it was perfect for when I hated applying lip products but still wanted colour. I wish I knew what brand created this.
This product is now discontinued.
Maybelline NY Baby Lips glow pink in Mixed Berry: This is my substitute for the above jelly tint. Since I could not find it anywhere, this was the next best option and I love it. It gives off a glowing pink tint which is slightly lighter then the other jelly tint, but it is still a staple in my lip collection. It is really good that this product doesn't dry out your lips at the same time. I would suggest this product to anyone who isn't keen on lipstick but still wants colour on their lips :)
You can buy this here
Rimmel Kate Matte collection in 103: I wasn't too sure about matte lipsticks because they usually dry your lips out a lot, this lipstick is farm from drying. It has amazing pigmentation, stays on the lips for a long time (i usually can eat a meal without it budging) and it doesn't become too drying. The thing I especially love about Rimmel Kate lipsticks is that they smell of berrys.
You can buy this here
Rimmel Kate spring collection in 16: This was the first Rimmel Kate lip product I purchased and I fell in love with the colour immediately. It has amazing pigmentation, smells of berrys and stays on your lips for a good amount of time. This lipstick is defiantly my all time favourite.
You can buy this here
Rimmel lasting finish in 206 nude pink: As you can tell I love my Rimmel lipsticks and this is no exception. This lipstick comes in so many amazing colours, and like the other Rimmel lipsticks it stays on for a long amount of time.
You can buy this here
Essence lipliner in 07 Cute pink: This is the one and only lipliner I own. It is such an amazing product for the $1.95 price! This lipliner is extremely creamy, pigmented and glides on the lips with no problem. It has very good staying power for the price, and it is by far my favourite lipliner ever.
You can buy this here
Burt's Bees Lemon butter cuticle creme: I have really dry and cracked cuticles, mainly because I am a really bad victim of nail biting. This cuticle creme does wonders to my sore cuticles and makes them soft, and smelling nicely of lemons. This is the only cuticle creme I will use!
You can purchases this here  

** all photos used in this post were taken by me using products that were purchased by me.


  1. I really badly want to try Tarte blushes they look so amazing and the packaging is so cute :) we have some of the same HG I love Revlon colorstay, Kate Moss Lipsticks and and the Essence Lipliner! Good taste :P I also really want to try the FOA powder because I've never heard anything bad about it! Great post


    1. I love the tarte blushes they are amazing! what's your email address? haha thanks babe:)