Foundation 101

Today I have another post about makeup because as you know I love makeup!

A lot of people get confused when deciding what foundation they want to buy because there are so many different types and brands available today. Hopefully this post will help you feel a little less confused the next time you have to buy makeup.


Foundation can come in many forms such as: powder, both loose and pressed, liquid, cream, and stick foundation. Along with the different forms there are also different levels of coverage they each have. Most Powder foundations have minimal coverage and are usually used to set a liquid or cream foundation. Liquid foundations can range from light coverage to full coverage and are the most popular foundations used today. Cream foundations are usually light to medium coverage, but can be built to medium-full coverage. Stick foundations are normally full coverage, and are popular with makeup artists for photo shoots and weddings. The best way to determine the coverage of your foundation is to choose the right tools to apply it with. Check out my post about foundation tools 101 here.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is exactly what its name says, a moisturizer with foundation tint in it. This product is suited for someone looking for light, even coverage that is easy to apply. You can easily cover up any blemishes with a small amount of concealer, but the tinted moisturizer wont give you enough coverage to hide them by itself. This product is widely available but not so popular anymore.

BB Cream

BB cream seems to be a new craze at the moment, with many brands bringing out their own type of BB cream. BB cream, also known as blemish balm or Beauty balm, originated in Germany and was created to replace serum, moisturizer, foundation, primer and sunblock. This all in 1 cream has been widely adapted for the western side of the world and the coverage is light to medium compared to Europe's original medium to full coverage. This cream is very popular at the moment as many people are looking for a easy and quick alternative to looking good.

CC Cream

CC Cream, also known as colour control cream is an improved version of the BB cream, and was created and developed in Korea. CC cream was created to give more coverage and retain all the skincare benefits BB cream has. CC cream claims to correct the color of your skin tone, higher SPF protection, along with blending into the skin tone easier. It has a lighter texture then a BB cream, which means a less oily application. CC creams are yet to become popular in the makeup world, with only large brands like Chanel and L'Oreal bringing out their own kind, but it will become popular in the future so look out for it!

I hope this post helped you determine what kind of foundation you like, wither it be a Powder, BB cream or stick foundation, feel free to let me know your favourite type below.

** all photos in this post were sourced from Google images.


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