Review | Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner

I have had this eyeliner for a little over a month now, and think I have used it enough to give an honest review on it. 

Now I am really, really bad at applying eyeliner on myself! If I'm applying it on anyone else I can do it perfectly, I think its because I am uncoordinated with my left hand. 
The thing that caught my eye with this was the unique shape, and the fact that it has a guide to where you put your fingers. I think the shape has a major role in the application of the eyeliner, especially for those who have trouble applying liquid eyeliner. 

I also love that it isn't a brush, and that it is a felt tip pen applicator which I believe helps a lot. I know one of the worst things that happens when applying liquid eyeliner is smudging, and this eyeliner has a 50-60 second drying time; after that it wont smudge a bit.
Australis curved ink eyeliner helped me apply a straight liner to my eyelid on my right eye, but I am still uncoordinated with my left. It did help though, I think I just need more practice.
The only problem I found with this eyeliner is that it started fading a little after about 8 hours, but you cant expect it to last 24 hours so I am still pleased with the product.

As you can see you can make the eyeliner as thin or as thick as you like by controlling the pressure used when applying it. I really like that it has a matte finish and it doesn't budge after it's set. Overall this liquid eyeliner is really good for people who are like me and have trouble applying liquid eyeliner. It takes some practice but you will get the hang of holding it, and it becomes a staple in your everyday makeup routine.
** all photos in this post were taken by me.


  1. I always use liquid eyeliner and my favourite is the Dollywink liner but unfortunately it's running out and I can't bring myself to splurge and get it again :(

    I'll definitely try this one out, 8 hours is pretty decent!


    1. defiantly try it out, and let me know what you think! xx