Hair products Im lovin this month

This month I have decided to look after my hair a bit better. Since I have really, really long blonde(unnatural) hair it does get extremely knotty and frizzy. I saw a couple of things on beautybay and lookfantastic and thought id try them out!

TIGI S factor Diamond Dreams sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner infused with diamonds, cashmere, champagne and pearls.
This shampoo and conditioner leave your hair feeling silky smooth- like you've just had a treatment. I'm not sure about the diamonds and pearls but whatever is in this makes it work wonders for my hair. 

Revlon professional Equave blonde detangling conditioner 
My hair is so knotty, especially after I have washed it. I found by spraying this in and leaving it for 5 minutes my hair would detangle itself and cause little pain when I brush it after. This stuff works a treat, and you can buy it to suit you're hair.

Michel Mercier professionnel Hair brush 
 I first saw this hairbrush in priceline a couple of months ago and thought it was a ripoff for $20. Now that I have seen the magic it does to your hair I think its the best thing you can buy! The only time i used to brush my hair was after I washed it, but I now brush my hair daily without the pain from knots. It is so amazing and I recommended it to everyone!

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