Make Up For Ever Vs Australis: Setting Powders

As most of you will know Make Up For Ever's HD setting powder is my Holy Grail setting powder, so you can imagine how excited I was to test out Australis Ready Set Go! to see how it would compare.

 If any of you have tried one or both of these powders you would know that they are pretty much just silica so it is quite annoying that Make Up For Ever charges a massive $34.00. Plus it is ridiculously hard to find it in Australia, with only 2 places selling it for almost $55 plus shipping.

This is the 3rd container of Make Up For Ever HD powder I have been through since August last year so it lasts for 2-3 months. I have been searching for a cheaper alternative that wont lack the amazing quality for a while and have tried a few different brands but Australis Ready Set Go! finishing powder is the closest I have found, and at the amazing price of $12.95 you cant go wrong.

 Silica is used as a finishing powder for blurring fine lines and imperfections on the skin. I love silica powders because of this reason and I feel they are best suited for my skin and set my foundation really well.

When compared to the Make Up For Ever HD powder the Australis finishing powder is slightly thinner and doesn't clump together like the MUFE HD powder does in the jar. I found that the Australis powder blends into the skin easier and leaves little to no white finish on the skin unlike the MUFE HD powder.

They both keep foundation set and looking fresh all day, I can go 12hrs and only have slight oil appearing on my chin with both of these powders. In my opinion the Australis Ready Set Go! finishing powder is a perfect dupe of MUFE HD powder and I have already purchased a new Australis powder because it is so cheap!
You can buy Australis Ready Set Go! finishing powder for $12.95 here

What is your latest Dupe find?

 ** all photos in this post were taken by me.

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