Products that dissapointed me

Its really frustrating when you buy something and it doesn't turn out to be what you thought. Today's post will be on all of the products I just wasn't very impressed by.

Kryolan TV paint stick in ivory
I first ordered this in the wrong colour which turned out okay as a concealer; the ivory is a fairly close match to my skin tone. The thing I dislike about this is that it doesn't like my skin. No matter how many different ways I have tried applying it, it starts to separate after 3-4 hours on my T-zone (I don't even have an overly oily T-zone) even when I set it with powder and use setting spray. I think my last try will be the beauty blender and if that doesn't work I will be very disappointing! 

Mac Cream Color base in pearl
I brought this because of a review I saw on someones blog a while back. It looked like the prefect highlighter, and was the first highlighter I purchased. Such a shame that it doesn't sit well on the skin. I have tried applying it before and after the setting powder and no matter what it makes the skin feel sticky. I have used my fingers and different brushes to apply it with no luck. I really love this colour, but the consistency sucks.

Essence gel eyeliner in London baby brown
I got this when essence first arrived in Australia. I have tried it a few times over the year and find that it has horrible colour pay off. You have to go over it at least 2-3 times to make it stand out. Other than that it is a good product and I'm sad it is being discontinued.

Revlon colorstay smoky shadow stick in Torch
I was so excited to buy this as it seemed like an easy travel alternative to a eyeshadow palette. The colours of this are nice and the consistency is creamy, but it doesn't blend very well which is frustrating! You have to really use a blending brush well to get rid of the harsh lines, and its better not to apply it straight onto the eyelid or you will never be able to blend it out. I will continue to use this I just wish it was easier to blend.

NYX Candy glitter liner in 02 Disco Queen, 05 Lavender, 11 Hot Candy and 12 Crystal
I Purchased these from a small store in Melbourne about a year ago with the intention to wear them every day. Now I am a glitter lover, so I own a few glittery eye things and this is where these disappointed me. They seemed to be too watery/liquidy and the glitter just clumped together. I have tried putting on black eyeliner and then these on top and it doesn't make a difference. You have to put on a couple of layers for them to stand out and the glitter goes all crusty as it is all clumped together. Some of the other colours were better, maybe its just these ones I have. Any suggestions?

Please feel free to leave suggestions on how I could use these products to make them work and love them more! I really want to love them!!

** all photos in this post were photographed by me

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