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Hello lovelies!

As you may know I haven't blogged in a while due to my life getting extremely busy & my laptop being pretty much broken. Thank you to all my loyal viewers for the amazing views I have gotten on my time off.

In the past 3 months I have:

1. Completed my Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy Collage
2. Sat an extremely hard international exam to become an internationally recognized beauty therapist
3. Started working at priceline pretty much full time which gave me limited time to myself (but I love it)
4. Graduated at Crown and received my Diploma in Beauty Therapy, YAY!
5. Received amazing results for my international exam, which means I am now recognized as a Beauty Therapist who can work all over the world and have amazing experiences.

Over the 3 months I have brought a lot of products so there will be plenty of reviews and new posts coming up soon!

Now lets get into the post;
The lovely Melissa from Bubbles on: Beauty, Fashion & life! tagged me in a post today, the 'get to know me tag'
For this tag I will answer the following five questions:

1. What Piece of Makeup could you not live without?
I couldnt live without my Revlon Colorstay foundation, love it to bits!
2. Favorite Movie & Snack?
This ones hard because there are so many faves! Id have to say at the moment I am loving the movie The mortal instruments: the city of bones because I read the book and waited ages for the movie and when it came out it was amazing! My favorite snack is popcorn!

3. Favorite Lipstick of the moment?
Another tricky one because I have so many but at the moment it would be maybelline color whisper in cherry picking :) 

4. What is the top thing on your Wishlist at the moment?
This ones so easy because Ive wanted it for so long, the sigma spa cleaning glove
5. Favorite Quote?
Live for today because tomorrow might never come- it reminds me to keep it real and appreciate life!

Thanks Mel for tagging me! If you don't follow her you should check out her blog here !

I tag:
Sarah from morethanadored

With these questions:
1. Do you prefer cream or powdered blush?
2. Bright or Nude lipstick?
3. favorite song/band at the moment?
4. Do you have any qualifications?
5. What is you most used product?

Feel free to join in and post below the answers to the questions!

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