Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

I'm not the kind of person who will wear bright coloured eyeshadows, because I would look like a clown. Some people can pull it off, where as others don't suit it.

Today I am going to go through the different eye colours, and what shades of eyeshadows suit them best. Not only do some colours look great on certain eye colours, but particular shades of eyeshadow can match eye colours so perfectly they make them POP!

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes then I would suggest staying clear of blue eyeshadow, you want your eyes to stand out; not get lost. 
Rosy pinks and purples are a nice contrast to blue eyes but if you want your eyes to look mesmerising then choose earthy toned browns with purple bases. Taupe and slate greys really bring out the brightness of the blue eye as well.

Green Eyes

For Green eyes different shades of purples are recommended. 
Purple makes green look really dramatic, so I'm sure you will get many compliments about your eyes when you wear purple.
Mocha brown shades, warm colours with slight orange undertones and golds really brighten up green eyes as well.

Brown Eyes

Purples and teals are great for brown eyes, along with darker greys and blacks.
The best way to make brown eyes stand out is by using aqua, yellow or silver as a base colour.
Browns eyes also depend on your skin tone, you don't want to be using darker brown eyeshadows if you have darker skin tones.

Grey Eyes

For Grey eyes deep silvers, blacks and browns are suggested as they make the whites of the eye brighter therefore causing the colour to stand out more.
You could use purples, greens and oranges, but I would stay away from blues as it won't make grey eyes POP!

Hazel Eyes

If you have hazel eyes then you have a variety of colours to choose from.
Since there are browns, greens, greys and blues in hazel coloured eyes you can use practically any neutral brown, purple, gold or orange without looking silly.
Purple, indigo and aqua really make hazel eyes POP!

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