My Perfect Palette

I was recently tagged by Sophie from Born to buy to do the My Perfect Palette tag, so here goes:

Best Packaging

I think the best packaged palette I own is Stila's Written in the Stars
palette. It is shaped like a star which is really unique for a eyeshadow palette.

Best Colour Payoff

This one goes to my Lorac Pro palette, the shadows are so creamy and pigmented. Just amazing, I absolutely love this palette.

Most Versatile 

I think that most versatile palette I own is the Naked palette. All of my palettes are neutrals, but this has a big range of colours to choose from.

Best for Travelling

The palette I use the most for travelling is Nars Kuala Lumpur because it holds two shadows, and is small so a great space saver!

Biggest Regret

I regret buying Benefits Cabana Glam, because I rarely use it. its got 3 neutral shadows in it, which are beautiful but I often forge I have it.

Best Colour Names

Im going to have to pass on this one because I don't have a palette with amazing names :(

Least Used

As stated before I use Benefits Cabana Glama the least.

Most Used

My most used palette would have to be my Inglot freedom 10 palette, its amazing!

Most Loved

My most loved is also my most used, so my Inglot palette wins! If you haven't tried Inglot's eyeshadows you must, they are amazing! So creamy and pigmented, not powdery at all! The best part is that the single shadows are $10 each! 

Desert Island

If I was going to be stuck on a desert island I would take one of my two MUA palettes, because they are cheap so they wouldn't get wrecked, but they are still amazing quality. Defiantly check them out if you haven't tried them!

I tag
Candice from candice you review
Dani from lace and love xo

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