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A while ago I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from Bubbles on: beauty, fashion & life! to do the skincare tag, and because I am loving tag posts at the moment I'm going to jump right in.

Describe your skincare routine in five words..  
detailed, thorough, refreshing, relaxing & consistent

What's your skin type?

 I have combination skin with sensitive skin condition- I have normal to dry skin all over my face, and slight oil patches on my T-zone, especially in summer. 
What's your favorite skincare product?
 At the moment I am loving my Cetaphil products, especially the moisturizer for dry skin

Top blemish zapper? 

 To be honest I don't use any blemish zappers; the only pimples I ever get are hormonal ones on my chin once a month and they are gone after 3 days of my regular skincare routine. I do like using tea tree cream on random pimples I get on my body though.
Face wipes, yay or nay? 
Yay- only to remove makeup though and never as a cleanser- I mean come on you've got to be joking if you think a wipe can clean your face thoroughly

Toner, yay or nay? 
Yay- always use a toner to re-balance your skins PH levels and to remove any excess products from your face

High end skincare or high end makeup?
I like a mixture of both, I have used both expensive skincare and cheap skincare and prefer Cetaphil which is pretty cheap. With makeup I don't really care about the price only the quality

What's the most unusual skincare product you've tried?
A rubber setting mask, they are so fun to play with!

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item - what is it?
Bioderma of course!

Tell us your top skincare tip.
  Stay hydrated, try to have fresh vitamin C everyday and ALWAYS wear sunscreen - best anti-aging product!

Thanks to Mel for tagging me, I loved doing it!
Considering I'm really late at doing this tag most people have already been tagged, but if you haven't feel free to create your own post about it!

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