Regretful Buys

Hi Guys!
I just wanted to apologise for the lack of blogging this week, for the first 4 days I was sick and the only place I wanted to be was in bed asleep.

Today I'm talking about those dreaded purchases we make and wish we didn't.
Here are my regretful purchases:

First up is Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick in Buff, which is a pale nude pink. I picked this up at salon Melbourne last year, and have regretted it ever since. This shade makes me look dead. I have now worked out I cannot pull off nudes and should stick to bright colours.

This next one will a surprise to most people because sit is very popular, but it just isn't for me. L'oreal's True Match in W2 is defiantly too yellow for me, and it is the closest shade to my skin tone, which makes me sad.

Next is Kryolan's TV paint stick in IVORY. I had searched for reviews on this before I ordered it online, and all were positive. I can't see why though! This product has been nothing but trouble with me. It doesn't seem to set with powder, and always feels sticky, not to mention I purchased the wrong shade and it is too yellow for my skin tone.

Hourglasses ambient lighting powder in Ethereal Light is unfortunately a regretful purchase for me.
This powder is nothing special, and in my opinion defiantly not worth the hefty price tag either.
As a highlighter I see nothing, it is a ok face powder, but who wants to spend that much on a face powder really?

Mac's prep & prime line filler base was one of my first Mac purchases, and to tell you the truth it put me off buying Mac for a while.
Of course the reviews online were great, but when it came time to use it myself it was a mess.
I tried so many ways and they all resulted in thick, heavy feeling foundation and sticky face.
Not very nice!

My last regretful purchase is NYX jumbo eye pencil in sparkle nude.
This looks so pretty, just not on my eyelids. When I apply it, it doesn't give off much sparkle, nor does it give off much colour. I did buy it for a base but i don't like the consistency either.

What are your regretful buys?

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