Shop my Stash: Trash or Treasure

This week for Shop my Stash I will be talking about three of my oldest makeup products.
All three of these products where purchased by me after reading many reviews on how amazing they are!

These products are:

Revlon Colorstay Lip Butter in Creamsicle
Mac cream colour base in Pearl
and Bourjois Healthy Balance pressed powder

Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle

I think this was the second lip product I purchased, a year and a half ago. When the release of these lip butters came out I was quick to jump and grab one. For some stupid unknown reason I purchased a colour I never wear, orange. Not only do I hate the colour orange, I also refuse to wear it. I am so confused to why I chose this colour, I think I wore this Revlon lip butter once pr twice, then chucked it to the back of my drawer. Over the last two weeks I have tried to wear a pink gloss over it, mix it with other lipsticks and sheer it out. No matter how much I tried I still couldn't stand wearing it, therefor; into the bin this goes. I do plan on purchasing a few more of these lip butters - hopefully I will choose a pink one!

Mac Cream Colour Base in Pearl

I went and spent a fortune on this after reading many raving reviews, and I fell in love. Unfortunately when I tried it on myself I thought I had purchased the wrong product. Mac's Cream Colour Base in Pearl does not agree with my skin. I soon forgot I had this after buying powdered highlighters. I thought I would give this another go, and I'm still on edge about it. I have tried different brushes, under and over the top of foundation and nothing works. I really don't want to give up on it because it looks so gorgeous in swatches, does anyone have any suggestions to how I could try using it? 
Mac's Cream Colour Base in Pearl is a keeper- only if I can find a way to use it

Bourjois Healthy Balance Pressed Powder

I first tried this product after getting it as a gift with purchase, otherwise I probably would never have tried it. If you don't know, all of Bourjois' products include amazing scents, and this one doesn't disappoint. It has a fresh berry/fruity smell which I do enjoy. I fell in love with the product quickly and thought it would be good to carry in my handbag- and so I forgot about it.
After changing handbags and rediscovering this powder, I will be changing it to holy grail status, I love it that much. Bourjois Healthy Balance pressed powder is staying!

Have you tried any of these items?
What did you think?

Please leave your suggestions on how to use Mac's Cream Colour Base's in the comments!

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