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Its time again for another shop my stash on The Beauty Box.

This time I have been trying out Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer, which I received as a gift with purchase and chucked it in my primers drawer. Firstly this smells like flowers, as does the rest of the flower perfection line. Unfortunatley the Flower Perfection line has been discontinued (sad face) but I did enjoy my time using this for the past two weeks.
This primer is a silicon based primer, a lot like the L'oreal Base Magique. It glides onto your skin and dries mat, which isn't my favourite finish but I did enjoy how it helped my oiliness.
Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer is a defiantly a keeper!

Next is NYX extreme lip cream in Dolly Girl. This colour is defiantly a Erin colour, bright and pink!
I love this but didn't like wearing such a bright colour on the colder days, so I mixed it with a gloss to make it sheer, and fell in love again. This ones staying in my collection.

Lastly I have my only Illamasqua product, one of their bronzing duo's in Glint & Burnish. I was so excited when I brought this, and loved it for a month, until I purchased a new blush. Using this over the last two weeks has made me love it again, and it is perfect for the cooler months that are coming. Thats right, all three of my products are staying this time!

Thanks for reading! 
What products have you been loving for these cooler months?

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